Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All My Love To...


It's hard to write a poem,
expressing my love for you.
It's difficult to find a way to craft my words.
Into phrases that haven't been used before.

Times for us have been tough.

The road has been littered with broken glass and contorted clumps of debris.
The shattered, scattered remains of friendships and promises.
Lay broken and tossed astray in our wake.

We are creating our world from scratch,
As we continue down our love-stricken war-path.
We dodge doubt like the words themselves were shot from cannons.
And our parents,
Don't even get me started.

They're approval would be most welcomed.
But we don't need it.
All we need is each other.

So, Kelsey.
Will you be my valentine?
Forever mine.
Untill the end of time,

Let me be your Mr. Right,
our names will be up in lights.
Through sickness and through health.

I'll stay by your side.
Day by day you'll be, long in my arms,
and we'll have it that way.
No matter the weather, no matter the fight.
Night by night.

All my love to us.

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