Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Day in..

Will it be the same for two?
Or three,
or four?
Why don't we just add on one more.
Five out of fifty may walk through the same door.

Four out of those five are clueless souls,
Traveling in fear of the consequences of stopping.

Three out of those four won't know what it's like.
To have a good high school experience with all the toppings.

Two out of that trio,
Will meet each other some day.
And the tides will change,
In an astonishing way.

From this day on in, I'm known as 1 of that pair.
I found a friend in need of a friend,
Now we are rescued from despair.

My roots have found hard enough soil to anchor,
And my leaves have found the confidence to set sail.

I'll set off into the dusk with my new found valor,
And glory to this day that I prevailed.

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